Typing and Transcription

Our typing and transcription professionals can assist you with handling high volume projects with a hundred percent accuracy and quicker turnaround time at prudent costs. Dataservices2Globe gives error-free typing and transcription services to entrepreneurs, organizations, and people, documenting vital information and transforming it into exact records that our customers can depend on.

What we offer on Typing and Transcription Services?

When you outsource typing and transcription to Dataservices2Globe, you get easy to use verbatim transcripts with an assurance of high-quality and accuracy. Our experts utilize advanced transcription software to transcribe data into all around formatted records.

  • Indexing transcripts
  • Designing layouts for documents and reports
  • Creating HTML and PDF files of transcripts
  • Creating time stamps
  • Open and closed captioning for videos
  • Professional document, text, eBook, audio, video, and copy typing services
  • Audio & video transcription services
  • Conference call & interview transcription services
  • Digital transcription services
  • YouTube transcription services
  • Remote typing and transcription services

At Dataservices2Globe, we relieve your security worries by ensuring that our document sharing strategies are GDPR compliant, permit settings for granular permissions, and grant notifications and activity logs to recognize unapproved access.

Our Process for Typing and Transcription Services

Dataservices2Globe is known for the efficient technique used to perform the non-center operations for the worldwide customers and uses the demonstrated same as follows:

  • Free Trial Run Available: You can attempt our free trial run before giving the last work and once you approve our work on your example project, we will move further.
  • Gather the Data for Typing: Our specialists will get the legal transcription services to be composed given by your staff all the essential project details and requirements.
  • We Analyze the Data: Before beginning the data typing work, it is our technique to break down the information for choosing the best appropriate tools for composing work.
  • Perform Data Typing Work: Master typists at Dataservices2Globe will perform the composing work with high accuracy and high productivity inside the time spans.
  • Data Typing Correction: To offer you the error free database, our quality check group will redress the minute mistakes and right them before presenting the file.
  • Final Submission Done: We send you the final typed data according to your given file formats required and inside the specified time spans within the stipulated.

If you need to find out about our procedure for online typing and transcription services, connect with our client service team today!

Tools we leverage in Dataservices2Globe

We transcribe files from a wide assortment of digital and non-digital formats which incorporate MP3, MP4, WAV, AVI, FLV, WMV, MPEG4, MOV, WMA, FLAC, Word/Excel/Access records, and even the older organizations like DSS, CD, DVD, Cassettes, VHS tapes, and so on. We utilize these tools: OTranscribe, Express Scribe, The FTW Transcriber, Inqscribe, and Transcribe.

Master in All Languages and Major Sectors

Our transcriptionists are fluent in English, French, German, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Russian, and Bengali and are well-acquainted with idioms, phrases, vocabulary, and different accents, at par with any native speaker. Our group comprises of transcribers with particular information on different industry-explicit languages, empowering us to offer our low cost printed typing services to a wide scope of areas, including Media, Finance, NGO, Market Research, Academics Advertising, Healthcare, Retail, Education, Technology, Automotive, and numerous different sectors.

For more data or to talk about your requirements, if you don't mind send an email to info@Dataservices2Globe.com or utilize the contact page.


In more than 10 years, we have delivered diverse complexity data projects successfully.

We do three steps quality checking on each data project. Firstly, our operators check their everyday completed work for errors and fix. Secondly, Project Managers check completed work randomly for quality. Finally, QA teams verify all data thoroughly before delivery to client.

At Dataservices2Globe, our clients set deadlines and we make efforts to meet goals. We have ample workforce with years of experience to manage small as well as large scale projects comfortably in deadlines recommended by clients.
Yes, we are happy to offer a trial work for you to earn your confidence. This sample work would be totally free of cost without expecting any commitment from your end. You can award us project after your quality satisfaction.
You will receive a finished project via email, secure FTP server, CD or DVD, etc. preferred by you.

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