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Data in scanned files is of no utilization except if it is easy to recover in the nick of time. With OCR conversion services, Dataservices2Globe can assist you with changing over checked, image-based documents into editable content while holding the format and layout of the first document. Our specialists use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) strategy to catch text and characters from scanned files and pictures with 99.95% accuracy.

Indeed, even the best OCR conversions are not exactly great, especially when you are working from exceptionally old, fragile documents, or source scans are not really clear, or the printed texts are of inferior quality. That is the reason instead of other OCR service providers, who convey the yield data with insignificant editing, Dataservices2Globe gives OCR conversion just as OCR conversion services, consolidating a detailed manual component with OCR tools to convey ideal precision in the entirety of our projects.

Depending upon your necessities, our specialists follow a systematic OCR process that incorporates editing on the character level, delivering different yields at the same time, trailed by a good, old-fashioned, particularly in instances of manually written content for maximum correctness. We likewise support you in deciding whether Optical Character Recognition is fitting for your legacy materials project.

Our OCR Services

Dataservices2Globe offer compete outsource OCR conversion services at an amazing price

  • OCR for Legal Documents
  • OCR Clean up Services
  • OCR for Online Products
  • OCR for Medical Records
  • OCR Scanning Services
  • OCR for Invoices
  • OCR Conversion Services
  • OCR for Insurance Claims

With more than two decades of proven industry experience in providing back office solutions, Dataservices2Globe can handle all your needs when it comes to OCR scanning and data conversion. Our OCR Services Company in India that delivers a high level of accuracy, and minimum turnaround time.


At Dataservices2Globe OCR service and record tidy up services are intended to legally reproduce periodicals, books, manuals diaries, transcribed materials, and polls into electronic organizations. We are well outfitted with very good quality scanners and the best CR conversion specialists to meet the various requirements of our customers over the globe.

Our bilingual OCR software perceives a huge assortment of text styles in different languages. By concerning this ability, we can tidy up your OCR up to 99.99% precision and transfer into an organization of your decision. The cost of OCR cleanup jobs differs relying upon the excellence and nature of the printed text being scanned.


Data management is a basic part of business tasks. Achieving a high standard of data abstraction in-house requires higher grouping of your concentration on laborers' time and exertion on processes that can be productively dealt with by a certified third-party solution provider.

  • UCSF Data Abstraction Tool
  • SPSS Variable Names and Labels
  • OI ACNM IP Dataset SPSS Syntax
  • UofM Data Abstraction Tool
  • SPSS Programming Files

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