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In today’s fast-paced academic environment, speed and precision are basic. Avoid the inescapable delays and likely mistakes of self-transcription. Dataservices2Globe empowers analysts, educators, and students to focus on more basic exercises by transcribing everything from research notes and thesis materials to conferences and classroom transcriptionist.
Are you in need of quality and precise academic transcription services? Do you need proficient research transcripts that can work inside your customized details? Dataservices2Globe can meet all of your necessities. We offer specific academic transcription services for students, educators, specialists and authors around the world.
With the most recent technology at use in Dataservices2Globe, we can give academic transcription services to documents in various sound/video formats. Our academic transcription services are utilized by students and educators of rumoured colleges everywhere throughout the United States and different countries. We handle audio to text, text to text, and language translation. We ensure at any rate 99% precision on clear audios.

Our Offerings for Academic Transcription Services:

The academic transcription is required for different exercises and furthermore for the future reference. So, Dataservices2Globe covers a wide scope of best transcription services as follows:

  • Academic interview transcriptions
  • Research transcriptions
  • Lecture transcriptions
  • Transcriptions of group discussions
  • Dissertation transcriptions
  • Thesis transcriptions
  • Conference transcriptions
  • One-to-one interview transcriptions
  • Oral history interview transcriptions
  • Focus group study transcriptions

Dataservices2Globe are here to help you in the success with our customized solutions that match your transcription needs perfectly. Get advantage of our outsourcing transcription services at affordable prices and high quality results of a skilled team.

Our Academic Transcription Services Process

Dataservices2Globe deliver high-end results to our worldwide customers from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and so on with our pre-characterized methodology for the academic transcription work:

  1. Get the Files:
  2. After you approve our free example, we get the project files and important insights about the equivalent.

  3. Analyse Data:
  4. Then, we inspect the documents to pick the most appropriate technique and tools for the transcription work.

  5. Translate Files:
  6. Our transcribers perform academic transcription on your documents in view of great precision keeping your normal outcomes.

  7. Quality Control:
  8. Our QC group reviews the transcriptions and redresses mistakes to get 99.9% precise results inside the specified time periods.

  9. File Submission:
  10. These final transcriptions are then submitted to your staffs through our secured FTP workers which encourage your assets to work capably.


The security of your information is very much kept up and the upgraded advanced tools are utilized to complete the work inside the specified time frame so you can be at the edge of the competition and get your information transcribed with high precision and quality services. Here are our five picks of the best free transcription software used by academic transcription services company.

  • OTranscribe
  • Express Scribe
  • The FTW Transcriber
  • Inqscribe
  • Transcribe

Outsource academic research transcription services now!

Outsource transcription services to Dataservices2Globe for high-calibre, dependable, right and ideal academic exploration transcription services. Practical costs and a secure server are some more reasons why you ought to choose Dataservices2Globe academic transcription services. Customized services are furnished only at Dataservices2Globe with ability in any sound/visual and any input/output group.
If you are having any academic files to be changed over in the report group, you are at the right place. Benefit the best outsourcing services for a wide range of transcription necessities. Get the statement today for your inquiries and contact our group to get the Free Trial Run.


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