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Are you searching for an outsourcing partner that can assist you with understanding your vision for your business? You might be taking a look at outsourcing as a system to expand consumer satisfaction. Or on the other hand you might need to use specific aptitude to help fuel your development. Whatever your goal, Dataservices2Globe can give customized services that fit your exact requirements.

Dataservices2Globe use advanced innovation to give data indexing and archiving services to worldwide customers. We offer exceptional types of services at limited expenses. With us dealing with the non-center areas, you can turn your consideration towards building center abilities. This can be a powerful approach to increase a competitive edge in the market.

Different businesses may need to outsource indexing services for various types of archives. These can incorporate guidance manuals, journals, permanent records, lawful case documents, lists, parts records, and databases. When you leverage Dataservices2Globe specific ability, you are guaranteed best in class service and speedy turnaround times.

When you outsource indexing services to us, you can occupy your own valuable assets to more value creating tasks. This can assist you with expanding your responsiveness to changing economic conditions. It can likewise help boost consumer loyalty.

What Dataservices2Globe offer For Archiving and Indexing Services?

By outsourcing non-useful work like record indexing and archiving, you can focus on core business activities for greatest benefits of document indexing & archiving.

Dataservices2Globe has been giving data archiving services to various enterprises including healthcare, land, insurance, banking, retail, and so forth at efficient costs. Here are some foremost factors, which help you in picking us:

  • Dataservices2Globe gives you top class quality report indexing services.
  • Our specialists are prepared to give you high accuracy indexing results.
  • Despite the fast delivery of results our nature of work isn't undermined.
  • Our organization has furnished with best technology, tools, and software.
  • We have servers with secured firewalls and high classification of your information.
  • Our customer support group is consistently accessible for you to tackle your queries and problems.
  • Get a free trial run on your sample project to know our submitted quality services.

The key advantages of report indexing and archiving are fast and simple recovery, anyplace access through the web, and additional free office space.

Our Process for Archiving and Indexing Services

At Dataservices2Globe we give complete document scanning, archiving and document indexing services to assist organizations with paper-free offices. We will examine, digitize, and list your archives and make them effectively retrievable so you can get rid of those filing cabinets gobbling up your office space. With our ISO-certified procedures, you can have confidence in the security of your critical data. With Dataservices2Globe, you get simple access to the most modern technology utilized in document scanning and indexing. Our scanning and indexing specialists have a hands-on experience of utilizing fast ADF scanners that can filter a large number of pages in a day. To scan books and fragile documents we utilize overhead scanners.

Tools we Use for Archiving and Indexing Services

Our data scanning and indexing specialists are well versed about the latest devices and methods utilized in the industry. Depending upon your requirements, our experts can apply OCR tools to digitize your documents. Conceiving index fields that best suits your requirements and utilizing bar code reading for indexing are a portion of our specialties.

Dataservices2Globe – Available in Bilingual Language

We provide your company with customized solutions to digitize your existing documents with the help of our data entry professionals who know several languages, such as, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Greek, Latin, Japanese, Korean, and many other European and Asian languages. Whatever foreign language archiving and indexing services you require, we can provide it with fully-trained professional team which meet your requirements by offering cost effective data indexing and archiving services featuring an extremely high level of accuracy, timely deliveries and total confidentiality.


Dataservices2Globe have experience of 10 years in archiving and indexing outsourcing services and have successfully talented various projects of clients across the world. We have wide experience of working on different types of data entry projects.

The skilled and proficient team of data entry operators at Dataservices2Globe is known for delivering projects in fast turnaround time. We are providing the TAT based upon the volume of work, complexity of work and the project deadline.

Yes. When you outsource to Dataservices2Globe you be assured of saving more than 60-70% of your operating costs. Although we provide our customers with cost-competitive services, we do not compromise on quality. Outsource now and get access to quality solutions while cutting down costs.
Yes. We use the very best and the latest in technology, software and infrastructure. By outsourcing you can save on investing on expensive software and technology as we use the very best in both. All our office have best-of-breed infrastructure.
You will have to fill in details in a given format and fax us a signed copy. Apart from this, you can also send us your work order as an email attachment.

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